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8 years old 33 years past the mountain forest alone claiming the

Old Sun Zhiqiang in old stone house built in the front cover of Jian Yichuang water Metropolis Daily News reporter Xiao Min Intern Yao Dandan cattle Thai Photography :reporter Lu Yaming Li Xiaojun correspondent honeysuckle open again ,thanks again opened, 33 years gone .
33 years on ,let him by a middle-aged man becomes old .In 33 years, his son through the mountain forest ,longer than the equator .The old man was called Sun Zhiqiang ,Jujube City, the town of Taiping temple village people ,aged 81 years old .
In 33 years, the old guard forest alone .Knowing some martial arts he repeatedly repel pirates tree thief ,decisively rejected tree tree to tree ,trafficking of children ;he gave up the happiness of a family union ,solitary hill stone for 33 years ,when the bare purple Yushan is now a wild profusion of vegetation .
The long ,long road but old son recently ,one entitled occupy hill as compulsory forest post on the Internet by people ,hot .I said :Jujube City Taiping Temple Town Village purple mountain ,a eight years old man with pine trees with mountains ,alone perseveres decades .
The post was named Tong Changyu ,is the Jujube Municipal Local Taxation Bureau a cadre .In March, Tong Changyu participated in the activity ,in a visit to accidentally discovered the old Sun Zhiqiang Shou mountain story .
On the morning of 7, the reporters came to the purple mountain ,looking for the old Sun Zhiqiang .Purple Mountain at an elevation of 300 meters ,although not high, but the road is very steep .
Starting from the foot ,walk half an hour into the deep forest .The forest has a shabby hut, built on a hillside .Village cadre says ,this is the old man Sun Zhiqiang home .Stone house not far away ,a 1.
6 meters tall ,thin elderly is pruned branches ,he is Sun Zhiqiang .Into the stone ,a dark, there is no electricity .The house is not a decent furniture .In this harsh environment, the old man held out for 33 years .
At 10 a.m., Sun Zhiqiang will be the sickle on your belt ,pick up a weighing about 5 kilograms of locust tree stick cover .He set out from the southern mountain ,Moncler,walk as if on wings ,he soon got to the top of the mountain ,the reporter far behind .
He stood on the top of the mountain ,you cover the sun ,walking around .For more than 10 minutes later, the old man went round to the north .In a meadow beside, he used tree stick at the turf said: the weather is dry ,the grass catches fire easily ,check it carefully .
From the north down the mountain, he was in a pine tree stay under .Pat tree withered branches ,broken mouth ,said : ,the disease is almost ready . Cover of the road, a trip down nearly 3 km ,at least 4 times a day ,at least 10.
4 kilometers .The village Party branch secretary Qu Zhenghua said ,this is it ,this 33 years old man trip around the equator ,at least one week .Yong bear ,the ranger station in the purple mountain hill ,www.doudounemonclereshop.com,a foot of Henan Tanghe ,a foot of Hubei Jujube .
46 years ago the purple mountain is a mountain : the bare hills, ravines, barren .The roots are not to gather firewood . Temple Village popularity hill helplessly .The spring of 1965 ,an afforestation activity changed the mountain feature .
At that time, the village people of all ages and both sexes went to the mountains ,inserted under some pine trees ,Sun Zhiqiang is also a member .Take care of a few years later ,saplings grew ,The Red Cross staff father rob save continued the child hope,purple mountain is no longer barren mountain .
A wild profusion of vegetation green sea ,birds sing, wind take pine ,rustling .In order to preserve this be not easily won the mountain forest in the mountains ,the villagers built a stone house and take turns on duty ,Ranger each month by the village to pay 100 yuan allowance .
But the mountains in the poverty ,the condition is difficult, lonely .Ranger who have beat a retreat back down the mountain .The lack of supervision ,the tree was cut down ,the frequent mountain fires .
The villagers look in the eyes ,sharp in the heart .The summer of 1978 ,the village held a meeting to discuss the matter .On the meeting, the villagers up debate . Too bad ,too bad !This continues ,purple mountain and become barren mountain .
But keep in the mountain too hard ,that place is not live . Yes ,yes .Carry water to climb more than 1 km road . At the same time ,Sun Zhiqiang said : I go !Planting trees is to leave their wealth !I want to spend the rest of my life to protect the purple mountain .
Your wife left ( died 4 ) later ,the kids how to do ? A villager cares to ask him . To my brother ,don much .Again no matter what ,so a good piece of wood will ruin ! Sun Zhiqiang says .
In this way, Sun Zhiqiang embarked on his forest road ,when he was 48 years old .In 1985, for a variety of reasons, the village no longer pay monthly 100 yuan subsidy ,but Sun Zhiqiang did not give up ,he is 25 years .
Alarm tree ,4 children did not attend the wedding by .33 years on ,all because of that piece of a wild profusion of vegetation of mountain forest .Ranger day, Sun Zhiqiang encountered numerous danger .
One day in 1998 ,weeds on fire, Sun Zhiqiang rushed for one day and one night ,the fire is extinguished .Stopped, his hands blistered .In 2000 July, Sun Zhiqiang found 3 men are stealing the tree .
He shouted : Stop ! Subsequently, little knowledge of martial arts he armed with sticks, pilgrimage on to .Stones such as raindrops fly, Sun Zhiqiang dodged ,but he did not retreat .He rushed forward, waving a stick ,3 men got away .
The next morning, Sun Zhiqiang is home to 5 casual visitor ,one of them is a man stealing the tree . Old man ,you can point the martial arts ,but you win 5? 5 men rushed up ,both hitting each other .
10 minutes later ,5 men went away .In order to protect forests ,Sun Zhiqiang did not participate in the 4 children ,daughter Sun Qiaoyun when she and her future husband Hill please father ,Sun Zhiqiang said : do not go, recently stolen tree is particularly much ,much also fires .
In case of an accident ,Moncler Pas Cher,so many years of hard work will have been wasted . Sun Qiaoyun told the reporters ,Moncler Outlet,in very long period of time, she does not understand his father .She asked ,did the children in his mind than the few trees? Now ,Moncler Outlet,she can read his father .
33 years on ,the 300 acres of forest is his life .Shou mountain ,is to protect the mountain village of Henan Nanyang on 2008 ,a man came to the purple mountain in search of medicine ,by Sun Zhiqiang residence entrance two tree honeysuckle attracted .
Tree to me ,give you 2000 dollars . Sun Zhiqiang quickly shook his head . Ah too !How is 4100 Sun Zhiqiang still shakes his head .He said : although I planted trees ,mountain is a mountain ,there may not be a tree .
I am a tree ,how can sell the trees ? Although it is tried to coax ,but Sun Zhiqiang is not a nod .In 2009, Sun Zhiqiang son was building a new house ,looking for Sun Zhiqiang to the 3 tree was rejected .
The three son asked angrily : so mean ,I was not your son ? Sun Zhiqiang said : I am a Ranger ,consent son cut trees ,people would poke my spine scold ,a lifetime of innocence destroyed .
In the eyes of others ,Sun Zhiqiang was not stingy person .County of Henan Province Yang Xing Lake Village Chang Yunqiang often turned purple mountain ,between Henan and Hubei ,Sun Zhiqiang is the abode of his post .
Chang Yunqiang said : Sun Zhiqiang is poor, but very generous ,every time I pass by ,he will make the best things out to entertain me . In 33 years,www.monclersitoufficialenegozi.com, Sun Zhiqiang has been the purple mountain ,because in the heart always worried about the forest .
He thinks ,the mountain is in the guardian .He says to the reporter : temple village at the foot of the mountain before the mountain ,desert,A stream with no money treatment was discharged from the hos, heavy rainfall, there is always the stone rolled down .
Trees ,has the protection of our village !To repay ! Quickly came to visit forestry bureau of Xiangyang city inspectors Luoping said: where there are trees ,soil without a loss .Purple Mountain is a stone mountain ,prone to landslides and other geological disasters .
If not for these trees ,purple mountain is no longer .The sun always kindness knows no bounds . Dialogue dreamt that his wife scolded me reporter :before the mountain ,what is your life? Sun Zhiqiang :in those days is very beautiful ,when busy season, the ground work ;when slack season, dance lion .
Reporter :so comfortable life but ,Moncler Jacket,how do you choose mountain ranger .Sun Zhiqiang :you don know !At that time, purple mountain grass roots ,Global market cautiously optimistic about emerging markets and cycle industry _,Doudoune Moncler,firewood can to .More importantly ,if it rains ,flowed down the mountain water was all yellow .
From time to time the stone rolled ,village in the mountains ,very dangerous .Plant trees ,there is no such a thing .Reporter :Ranger is everyone ,why are you alone? Sun Zhiqiang :the fellow villagers, no need to care about so much .
Reporter: do you regret it ?Sun Zhiqiang: Once went down ,I found that the village has changed a lot ,wider highways ,buildings are tall .My peers are people enjoy a happy life ,I envy them very much .
But to return to the mountain ,see the tree pine tree ,my heart on the balance .Reporter: I heard that your wife died a long time ago .Sun Zhiqiang :she is a bitter man ,died at 30 years of age .
I can her dying eyes ,Xiangqilaijiu heartache .I this life owes her ,when she died, I put 4 children brought up .But I was up the hill forest ,the daughter is only 13 years old .I never dreamed that she called me .
Reporter :now what wish ?Sun Zhiqiang :now I have two wishes .First ,dead, bury me in the mountains .In second ,the older, don for several years ,www.moncleroutletboutique.com,I hope that after the death of someone to take over .
Reporter: here so hard ,someone will come ?Sun Zhiqiang :Yes ,yes ,even have no electricity through the stone house .Nobody wants to be my most headaching thing ,that I could not eat ,can sleep .

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Father in listing for runaway son group of pictur

Yao Jie in a notebook left.Yao Guifu in the street listing search sub.Text / graph reporter Zhou Weihan if I don't find my son, I do not want to live.-- Yao Guifu yesterday morning, Yao Guifu in the town of Dalang Li Ling integrated market near body hang brand lost son, he said: "if I don't find my son,Moncler Outlet, I do not want to live.
"He found his son Yao Jie is 15 years old this year, a few days ago bought less than a month's mobile phone was lost, was the mother of blame a few, runaways,www.doudounemonclereshop.com,15 year-old boy twice into water to save drowning two boys (Figure), has yet to return.Father Yao Guifu had caught uremia on 2003, after two years had a kidney transplant, has been taking medication, family therefore owed about 200000 yuan of debt.
4 years ago, Yao Guifu couples that are read a junior high school female two sons all dropped out, one family from Gansu came to his home town of Dalang Li Ling village work.His father has stopped taking medication for Yao Guifu listed the locations in the town of Dalang Li Ling integrated market near a rental house, his chest hanging board on which was written: "Yao Jie, please come home!If you don't come back one day, we are one family for a day, look in the parents and brother's sake, please come home, you know for his kidney transplant operation,Market shocks repeatedly low risk low risk product investo, can walk, the well-wisher helps me.
"The board is still in contact with the son's photos.He wore a white shirt also wrote: "Yao Jie,Feng Gang ( Hua Bao, please come home,www.moncleroutletboutique.com!Otherwise the father would die."Yao Guifu is the Gansu province Gangu county new town, 43 years old this year.
He said: "I'm not broad and poor to ask for money,Moncler Outlet, I just want my son's safe return to me."He says he has now stopped the medication.He said: "if I don't find my son, I do not want to live."A child out of school family came to Guan working Yao Guifu to tell a reporter, 2003 autumn, your suffering from uremia, two years later to find the right kidney, the couple sold the house and home all the valuable things, for which he underwent a kidney transplant, therefore owe about 200000 yuan debt.
In order to pay off the debts, the couple have made a decision, let all junior high school in reading Yao Yao, Yao Lin, Yao Jie dropped out of school after all, move to the Wando to work for their debts.
In 4 years, Yao Guifu in Dalang Li Ling a factory as a security guard, home to 4 others in a textile factory.In the whole family worked hard and managed to save money on food and expenses, debt is only 140000 yuan.
Mother has blamed the son Yao Guifu's wife Kang Xiuli,www.monclersitoufficialenegozi.com, 3 children and the couple working out, each person every month can earn 1000 yuan.But in order to pay off the debt each month, she can only give 3 children per 150 yuan pocket money,Moncler Pas Cher, "children often complain about someone to go out to spend the money, they would have no".
Kang Xiuli says, this year's Spring Festival, younger son Yao Jie begged her to buy him a mobile phone, she repeatedly declined, until September this year, Yao Jie's teacher to find her, said Yao Jie at the factory,Moncler Jacket, never speaks,during any session o, afraid of him "ill", Kang Xiuli is the ruthless under heart to Yao Jie bought a mobile phone.
But the mobile phone is in less than a month, Yao Jie would have lost it.Kang Xiuli said,Disabled daughter for help father to enter the hospital post,Moncler, the night of October 19th, Yao Jie's brother Yao Lin came back and said his brother the two day without work, also did not eat, she is worried about her son, cooked a bowl of noodles to dormitory.
Be out of spirits to see his son in bed, Kang Xiuli very angry, they blame him: "mobile phone was lost, can't lost myself, make your father angry will make his disease worsened."Yao Jie returned to her loudly: "rest assured, I do not get angry.
"The very next day morning, Yao Jie disappears.Son message "hate everything" family in Yao Jie's quarters to find a laptop,Silver blue chip select flexible configuration hyb, above crookedly written some of Yao Jie's words: "hate thieves, why steal my mobile phone", "hate being poor!Hate everything ",Doudoune Moncler," a group of garbage and waste, all together.

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Classification of hedge funds must grasp the opportunity _ strat

Date of Manulife TEDA card in 500 to permit the mainland resource Changsheng with a license 2002012/2/9 - 0.1%3.3%1.7%2012/2/10 - 0.1%6.5%0.1%2012/2/134.3%13.8%6.1%2012/2/1413.7%25.3%16.8%2012/2/1511.
6%15.0%9.0% - Gao Xinwei Zhang Xia recently ,Manulife TEDA card in 500 ,Yinhua domestic resources theme ,with a 200 grade certificate Changsheng new classification of the fund Jiancang completed ,the enterprising share leverage effect begins to show ,sought after by the funds ,premium rate then expanded rapidly ,the corresponding stable share price has not decreased, so that the overall fund premium rate rises quickly .
In this case ,the investor can purchase the female fund share, after the split share to sell sub arbitrage profits .But attention is required ,because the whole process to arbitrage trading day ,operational risk, sell sub share day if premium rate regression appears even discount ,Moncler Pas Cher,arbitrage will fail .
If investors do not understand the classification of the fund and the arbitrage mechanism ,follow suit blindly, are more likely to suffer a great loss .Classification of the fund and its paired conversion mechanism and the traditional open-end funds, classification of the fund innovation lies in the holder is divided into two categories ,Special patrol group long work sacrifice off team,one category of fixed-income ,corresponding to the holders of the fund share is called robust share ( fixed income end or A share) ;another kind is to obtain mother fund surplus profit, corresponding held by the fund share is equivalent to the steady share financing investment in shares, in order to gain more profit ,must have the leverage effect ,and thus called the spirit share ( end of a lever or B share) .
In addition some grading fund paired conversion mechanism ,www.monclersitoufficialenegozi.com,investors can buy shares the same as ,in the market to buy two shares respectively ,and then merged into the mother share proportion ,the mother of the fund share is equivalent to ordinary open-end fund ;at the same time as investors can purchase open-end funds ,the purchase of the mother share ,and then split into two categories according to the proportion of shares and listing .
Classification of the fund two share of the transaction price in theory should be equal to its own value ,after 5 years of pa,but by the participants of the market outlook and emotional factors,www.doudounemonclereshop.com, prices tend to value different ,which produce the folding rate ( overflow ) .
In addition ,due to the robustness of share and enterprising share cannot unilaterally purchase and redemption ,but generally no fixed duration ,so the folding ( overflow ) price rate will exist for a long time .
Due to the robustness of share and share different aggressive participants ,two share of the market price is not completely changes ,therefore ,when investors in the market were purchased two shares ,and proportionally combined, its price may be higher than the mother the net value of the fund ,we called the overall premium ;the contrary is the overall discount .
Rating fund how to arbitrage in theory, if the fund as a whole is a premium or discount ,the arbitrage opportunities exist ,i.e. with a cheap price get mother fund share, then to higher prices to sell .
In Yinhua deep 100 as an example ,in July 29, 2010, the female fund net value is 1.064 yuan ,Moncler Jacket,while the Yinhua entered and Yinhua into sharp price respectively is 1.032 yuan and 1.248 yuan ,after the merger to correspond to the price of $1.
14 ,higher than the mother the net value of the fund ,namely the overall premium rate is 7.04% .In theory, as long as 1.064 yuan to purchase the female fund ,split after the two share 1.
14 yuan to the price sold, you can get 7.04% of the proceeds .Conversely ,if the transaction price is lower than the net value of fund ( i.e. overall discount) ,you can buy fund two share, after the merger with high price (net ) redemption mother fund ,can achieve the buy low sell high .
How to use the discount / premium profit ?One is in the premium subscription split and sold .The overall premium, investors purchase the female fund ,Fax eight years old comrade-in-arms Shou tomb for,Moncler Outlet,sold two kinds of share split .However, in actual operation, the investors observed premium and arbitrage arbitrage ,but the process needs 4 working days ,when investors need to sell sub share proceeds ,Moncler Outlet,the premium rate may have disappeared ,that the selling price may be lower than the purchase price at the time ,www.moncleroutletboutique.com,results in a loss of .
Two is the discount buying merge and redemption .Overall at a discount ,need to buy the share proportion sound and aggressive ,Moncler,combined the mother share redemption .The whole process needs 4 working days ,investors is equivalent to holding the master fund ,net decline will devour the arbitrage profits .
Therefore, can make use of stock index futures or securities to sell ETF to hedge fund volatility risk parent .Without considering the transaction cost, so that the operation can be risk-free arbitrage .
Rating Fund recently premium rate change date Manulife TEDA card in 500 to permit the mainland resource Changsheng with a license 2002012/2/9 0.1%3.3%1.7%2012/2/10 0.1%6.5%0.1%2012/2/134.
3%13.8%6.1%2012/2/1413.7%25.3%16.8%2012/2/1511.6%15.0%9.0% Sina stated: this message is reproduced from Sina associated media ,sina.com.cn posted this article for more information transmission purposes ,Doudoune Moncler,does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description .

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Taxi hire 87 years old wife frequency pushing 3 hour walk

The two occurred in the matter, seem to be trivial.But if that happened in our own body, happen in our parents, perhaps no one will think it is trivial.Mencius said, old I old as well as old person, refers to support their own elders should not forget the other yourself with no phylogenetic relationships in the elderly.
A person is civilization, to see how he treated the elderly; a city far from civilization,www.monclersitoufficialenegozi.com, but also can be used to measure whether the care for the elderly.Taxi hire 87 years old wife frequency pushing 3 hour walk of the newspaper news (reporter Cui Yongli) in the rain, a 87 year old lady sitting in a wheelchair, with an umbrella, she is 87 years old wife behind.
The old man pushing a few steps toward the side of the road wheel, look around, see an empty taxi stopped, but nearly 3 hours, the old man has no one to.7 pm last night, Germany returned students Sally to our call,Moncler Jacket, reflecting his grandfather and grandmother stop taxi encounters.
His grandfather is a retired cadre week,Doudoune Moncler, my grandmother is a retired teacher.The old man said, on the same day at 7 am, the son drove them to the sugar Square Street Second People Hospital to see teeth, then go to work.
Due to his leg had arthritis,Moncler Pas Cher, weeks old to use a wheelchair with his wife.About 11, two people after seeing the doctor out of the hospital,www.moncleroutletboutique.com, after lunch at about eleven thirty,Moncler Outlet, looking at the day when, two people decide to stop a taxi home.
Results in 4 air taxi, no one willing to pull them, only the first taxi stopped after that mothball compartment not wheelchair left.Almost noon, two people along the street to the West while retaining the taxi sugar square.
Results this way how also can not get off, walk to the North Canton Street, because walking time is too long, weeks old feel hungry again, so the two of them stopped a man eating a lunch.They walk to the West Bangzi city street, is now two thirty in the afternoon, weeks old for a community hospital to his wife fluids.
To 6 pm,Moncler, weeks old and pushed his wife walk about 30 minutes back home."May the taxi driver don't know wheelchair can be folded, so refus does not pull it"."Why not give son phoned, let him take you home?"The old man said: "son, go to work too busy.
"The beginning is very responsible and later the couple disappeared newspaper news (reporter Wang Yimo) the old lady was knocked down by a car, the young couple were very enthusiastic to send her to the hospital, but the time to pay,www.doudounemonclereshop.com, the couple had disappeared.
Live in Xi'an City Beiguan Street 67, Cui said, 10 days afternoon 2 when,work hard to save m, she went to Shangjie to work, go to the dragon head village cross West junction,Moncler Outlet, a person charged with electric vehicles, wheel crashed into her legs, she hasn't come down.
This car runs north electric vehicle, is retrograde.At this time, the electric vehicle of a man and a woman hurried off."The woman,Fund positions measured weekly market callback, fund opening contrarian _ strate, the mouth is very sweet."Cui said, they said that they were married.The last two people are discussing sent her to the hospital.
She told him: "I is for parents, as long as there is no big problem you will go."Then, Ms. Cui was sitting in the back seat of the woman on a electric tricycle.Three people came to the north of the community health service center.
The doctor made a brief examination, opened a piece of film.Took the doctor's list, the woman let her wait, will be back in a moment."Then I have waited in the room in the clinic," waited for nearly half an hour no one.
In a fit of pique, Ms. Cui not film, limped home.Ms. Cui said sadly, at that time was the first reaction is, riders will not run away?The results saw the couple so warm and so, she was very moved."When the couple is very trust,Funeral wedding men were friends recommended 2009, but subsequent events, the chilling.

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Single mother begging for two years and save treat

Tao Lihua hugged her 2 year old daughter,Moncler Pas Cher,Northeast Securities stock market short-term callback debt-b, appear very helpless.The correspondent to thriving perturbation was 8 sisters suffering, young when marriage misfortune,Doudoune Moncler, pick up to 2 abandoned babies,De San Fund opening impetus was not continued rebo,A good buy fund weekly short-term vulnerable to ma, dutifully do single mother.
For the children, property can take; for the child, dignity can not......Tao Lihua of 54 years old, with all strength, for 2 years and save money.The short marriage Yo fights alone Tao Lihua, who lives in Xinzhou District Temple River Tung Village of stone bay group two,Moncler Jacket, young parents and eight sisters.
Tao Lihua married in 1979, 3 years after and her husband out of character, the divorce agreement, two people with no children.After the divorce, Tao Lihua, alone in the Zhu city street machinery factory original side running to subsistence.
Tao Lihua worked hard everyday from early to late, for decades - Branch - PCT saved money,Moncler, in Zhu city street to buy -- between three layers of old, lives not improvise.Has adopted two children on December 4, 1989,The net posts record of tens of thousands of netiz, Tao Lihua in the Xinzhou Civil Affairs Bureau door - name who was born only three days of the baby,www.monclersitoufficialenegozi.com, named Tao min.
Come nearly 20 years, Tao Lihua - personal father and mother, will raise Tao Min adult, for reading.Tao Min is currently just enrolled the college entrance examination, obtained 540 points of excellence, filled with Jianghan University.
2008 December - an evening, the wind,Fund weekly strategy market forward shilly-shally _ strategy report _ sina finance _ sina.com.cn, "wah-wah" - sound, street cries attracted the attention of Tao Lihua, a foundling and author, she relented.After receiving report of Zhu City Street police arrived, Tao Lihua was offered to adopt the baby girl named Xu Yuan, and with the police to the police station to complete the formalities.
With a small circle of life a few days later, Tao Lihua considered early business may scald young daughter, stopped a small business, to make the nanny, easy to care for infant daughter.Tao Lihua nanny after the monthly salary is only 600 yuan, days too, but look at her daughter Tiantian grow up healthy, again bitter heart sweet.
Real estate mortgage money saved in 2009 April gleaning girl, Tao Lihua found little daughter often dyspnea, pale, after the city hospital for children diagnosed with severe congenital heart disease.The diagnostic results in Tao Lihua's brain kept "buzzing" calm down, she,Moncler Outlet, quit his job, would be hard for years to buy a house as collateral,Moncler Outlet, - free everywhere begging, the scavengers saving money to treat for the children.
Tao Lihua is very helpless, "little daughter abandoned already very pitiful, everybody is her parents raise, although my strength is very weak, but try to give children - a complete home......"Face a reporter,www.doudounemonclereshop.com, Tao Lihua sobbed, tears filled orbital.
Tao Lihua said: "my biggest wish is to look at the little girl like her sister - type university."Reporter Zhou Yuan correspondent to prosper Tao Lihua,www.moncleroutletboutique.com,in the street cadre, mother is really hard, not easy to be pulled big daughter was admitted to university, kind raise little daughter, did not think of the life.
"".Not to save and rescue, the single mother's interests to have to give us the answer, but this love is difficult to bear.Each get a bottle, save 1 cents, go out every day, she meant for her daughter to save a few dollars, to treat her well.
This in the hope that the mother each pick up a plastic bottle and a tattered save money.But this hope to build speed far less illness on children's erosion.When the ordinary and great mother love is encountering

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